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Matt Kenseth and Brad Keselowski Trade Insults Via Twitter

Neither of them is punching the other in the face but Matt Kenseth and Brad Keselowski are certainly trading jabs via Twitter. For those of you that missed it, Keselowski was upset with Kenseth Saturday night in Richmond because of how Kenseth raced him during the final laps. When the race was over Keselowski brake checked Kenseth during the cool down lap causing extensive damage to the No. 20 machine as well as the No. 88 machine who clipped Kenseth as a result of the incident.

I guess there is still a little something between Kenseth and Keselowski. Here are some Twitter exchanges from and involving the drivers.



The above tweets are Team Kenseth making reference to the damage Keselowski caused and then Keselowski for some reason bringing up Daytona. Granted, there was an incident with Kenseth and Keselowski at Daytona but it had nothing to do with what took place in Richmond. Kenseth then decided that he would got involved on Twitter.



It will be interesting to see if there is any carry-over Sunday at Talladega. The Aaron’s 499 is a race that is usually exciting enough without any added storylines. The possible continuation of this feud and the Ambrose/Mears feud should only make the race that much more interesting. As far as Keselowski goes, I still cannot figure out why he was so heated after the race. Apparently he thought that Kenseth should not have blocked him in an effort to win the race.

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  • Baron Von Ottomatic

    A real knockdown, drag-out purse fight. I trade better insults with my Grannie at Thanksgiving.

  • Christopher Bain

    No balls Brad as Roger must have a lot of pull in Nascar.As Nascar has no balls to do any thing to no BALLS BRAD KESLOWSKI but may be Nascar likes this.

  • VIVA

    OMG,so sick of crybaby Brad…….. It’s called R A C I N G ! Not liking the Cheap Shot to the 20 after the race was over ! Grow Up!