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NASCAR Fan Poll: Drivers Comment On Brad Keselowski

In the early laps of the Aaron’s 499 Brad Keselowski and Danica Patrick made contact which sent Keselowski spinning. Although he would get back into the race with a fairly undamaged car, Keselowski was six laps down to the rest of the field. As the race would go on, Keselowski would later find himself running with the leaders. It was mentioned on the broadcast (between all of the commercial breaks) that as long as he wasn’t holding guys up, nobody would have an issue with him running up front. Fast forward a few laps and Keselowski spins and triggers “the big one.”

Should Brad Keselowski have been running the way that he was being six laps down?

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Following the race a handful of drivers shared their thoughts on the situation.

Jeff Gordon

I had seen him for several laps driving over his head being pretty aggressive I guess trying to get his lap back. I knew he (Keselowski) was laps down, but he wasn’t doing anybody any favors, nor himself. Then ultimately that was a wreck. I would like to see the video to know exactly what happened. Somebody might not have given him an inch there, but he was certainly taking probably more than he should have been in the situation he was in.

Matt Kenseth

Well, I will say one thing, if it was the other way around and it was anybody else except for him (Keselowski) we’d all be getting lectured. I didn’t know he was that many laps down, honestly. He came down across the front of Danica’s car early (in the race) and spun in front of the field and thankfully didn’t collect any cars. This time we weren’t so lucky. He was driving really, really, really aggressively to try to get back up there.

Jimmie Johnson

I got caught-up in the first wreck and that did some damage; and I don’t know what happened when I spun out. I just went out in front of everybody. The car just got real loose going into Turn 3 and turned around and collected a bunch of guys, unfortunately. And then after that, I think I got in two more wrecks and somehow still came home in the 20s. It’s ‘Dega. Stuff happens.

One thing that is for sure is that drivers seem to be reaching their limit when it comes to Keselowski. If this continues over the next 16 races, Keselowski is going to have a bunch of enemies heading into the chase.

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