A Visual Guide To Formula Racing


Formula racing events are undertaken by racers across the world in a multitude of different formats.

Some are well known (Formula 1, IndyCar, GP2, Indy Lights), whilst others are not (Super Formula, Auto GP, All-Japan Formula Three). Yet despite this, all the formula series’ are linked together.

Highlighting how this is so would take a long and drawn out explanation, one which would no doubt end in either boredom or confusion (probably both).

So, what’s the best way to understand how all formula racing events are interconnected? A table!

Formula Series Racing Ranks

Through the magic of systematic neatness, we are able to see a clear connection between the different forms of formula racing.

Not only does this table highlight the foundations from where some of Formula 1 and IndyCar’s drivers originate from, it also adds a somewhat greater depth to both of these series’ as well.

To claim a seat in Formula 1 or IndyCar is a special achievement in any driver’s career and there’s no surprise why they feel a sense of elation upon doing so.

Yet seeing only a fraction of the ladder a driver must climb to compete in the highest tiers of motor sport, highlights just how great of an achievement it actually is.

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