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Joey Logano Says NASCAR "Safer" Than NFL

There differences between the world of NASCAR and the NFL could not be greater. Many sports fans in the world do not even consider NASCAR to be a sport; they are wrong but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Both sports bring with them a certain element of danger. In NASCAR there are 43 cars traveling at speeds of almost 200 MPH, often in very tight packs. In the NFL, 300 pound men are colliding with one another over and over again with the intent to hit the other as hard as they can.

Although both sports have their own types of danger, one NASCAR driver feels that his sport is not nearly as dangerous as the NFL. Earlier this week Joey Logano visited the Detroit Lions during their OTA’s. It was during this visit that Logano expressed why he felt that NASCAR was a safer sport than that of the NFL.

These guys get hit a lot harder than a race car does. We take some big hits in cars but the safety in our sport has improved a lot, not just with the (Car of Tomorrow), but the seats, helmets, belts, all of that stuff keeps improving.

We take a hit maybe once every 15 races or so on average and these guys are taking hits on every play. I feel like my sport is a lot safer. We may look crazy going 200 miles per hour but I would much rather hit the wall at 200 than have a 300-pound linebacker coming at me.

Logano makes a lot of good points. NASCAR has come a long way in terms of safety. In fact, NASCAR has made leaps and bounds in regards to safety in just the last 15 years or so. However, the NFL has also done its part when it comes to safety. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodel has changed many rules in recent seasons to improve safety and reduce the risk of concussions in the league. Detroit Lions Running Back Reggie Bush did not exactly agree with Logano’s take on which sport is safer. Bush who is a former Saint and Dolphin shared his thoughts on the matter:

That’s crazy, I don’t know too many people who’d agree to that.

I respect them a lot. It’s a completely different sport from what we do, but it’s not easy by any means. They’re driving 200 miles an hour plus, and that’s pretty scary when you think about it. A car crash can be life threatening for those guys. The margin for error is probably very slim.

While both athletes make valid points, it’s fair to say both sports could still be a bit safer. Which sport do you think is currently the safest? Be sure to sound off below and let us know what you think.

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