Red Bull have beaten Ferrari at securing the services of Adrian Newey. Photo by: Stephane Mantey/Presse Sports via USA TODAY Sports

Technical wizard Adrian Newey will stay at Red Bull, despite Ferrari efforts.

It was no secret in the paddock that Ferrari wanted Adrian Newey, Red Bull’s head designer who has been largely credited for the energy drink’s team success. Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport recently reported an offer of 20 million euros and the possibility to work on Ferrari’s prototype for a possible return to Le Mans. Not good enough, apparently.

It emerged today that Newey has signed a new agreement with Red Bull, keeping him on Dietrich Mateschitz’s payroll. He won’t stay on as Technical Director of the team though.

The man who helped to pen some of the most successful cars of our days will be given a new playground in the form of a high technology center near the Red Bull F1 HQ in Milton-Keynes, England. Here, he will embark on ” new Red Bull Technology projects” which according to reports range from road cars to airplanes.

He’s also set to keep a “mentoring” role within the team, which lends strength to reports that Red Bull’s strategy in this issue was to simply keep the technical wizard close to home and wait for when the time is right to bring him fully back into the team.

After confirmation of this new deal, one has to wonder what Ferrari’s next move will be. They seem a little desperate to keep Alonso on board, and Newey would’ve been a strong hook. What do you think?

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