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NASCAR: Kyle Busch Scolded For Bad Language [VIDEO]

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kyle Busch is known for many things. Aside from his daring in-race moves to gain positions on the track and his occasional  dust-ups with fellow drivers; Busch is also known for his often colorful (and funny) language while communicating with his team over the radio. In this sense Busch is by no means alone as many drivers tend to use profanity at some point during a race to express their feelings about a given situation. However, not all drivers are told mid-race to clean up their language by the owner of their team.

Last weekend during the Pocono 400 Busch was using some profanity while having a back and forth discussion with the team about his car. Apparently team owner Joe Gibbs was in the box when this was going on and he was not happy with what he heard. As a result of this Gibbs had the No. 18 Crew Chief Dave Rogers relay a message to Busch.

Hey K-B, got coach [Gibbs] here on my shoulder telling me and you both we got to calm down. Got to work together a little better here, and use better language on the radio.

While I am all for drivers being role models and being held to a certain standard and all of that, this seems to be a bit much. Busch was in the middle of a race with a car that in that moment he was not particularity happy with. Could Busch had explained his displeasure to his team with using colorful language?

I am sure that he could have.

At the same time it just doesn’t seem to me as though it’s really that big of a deal. In the heat of the moment a driver dropping an F-bomb out of frustration shouldn’t really be an issue. With that being said, it is also Gibb’s right as the owner of the team to have his drivers conduct themselves in a way that he feels is appropriate. Ultimately, if Gibb’s doesn’t want his drivers swearing over the radio he has all of the power in the world to make and enforce that decision.

How do you feel about Busch or any other driver swearing over the radio during a race? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting below or sending us a message on Facebook or Twitter!

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  • teej1

    Wow. I’ve heard many drivers use profanity. It’s part of general life to use colorful words to relay your feelings about a given situation.
    Besides, it’s just words. It’s disgraceful how bad the ruling Nascar regime has gotten over the past 10-15 years. Cursing is a part of life, especially when something doesn’t go your way. Nascar needs to stop being so pansy ass and get back to being manly. Geez.
    (oops, I said ass :)

  • Daryle Hier

    Kyle is more temperamental than most so he gets the spotlight more than others. Still, you don’t have to curse to make a point – that’s lazy. Gibbs runs a great championship organization and whatever he says should be honored. I think if or when Kyle Busch finally figures out he has to control his emotions better, he will be a champion. That’s what Gibbs is trying to instill in him.

  • 4evernascarfan

    Time for Kyle to just “grow up!” Mr Giggs is pure class and this is not the first time he has had issues with Mr Busch. teej1, this is not about “other drivers”, this is about Kyle and what he needs to do to show his boss that he can act like a grown up and do what he is told to do and hopefully keep his job. He was told before that he needs Nascar more than Nascar needs him!

  • Brenda Bertrand

    To who does his sponsor appeal to most…kids. Do you really want your kids to hear his language on a weekly basis? Do you want your kids to constantly see him throwing his hissy fits all the time when things go his way? What a wonderful role model he has been. Sorry but after his ego grew bigger than his head when he went to JGR I have refused to support his sponsor. If they hold him on a pedestal fine but I won’t be part of that type of role model. I have not purchased any Mars product since. Maybe he needs to take a good look at what happened to his brother Kurt when his ego was out of control. He needs the same outcome & the organization at JGR needs to fire his arrogant ass. Carl Edwards will be looking for a new team & I think he would fit in just fine at JGR & bring class back to them, not drag them down.Maybe he is temperamental but his weekly hissy fits are not necessary. Apparently he is having problems performing on the Cup level or should I say he can’t bully his way to the front every race like he does in the trucks & Nationwide.Bottom line I think JGR needs to get rid of him & rebuild that team with some other driver.