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NASCAR Debate: One Driver, One Team, One Crew, One Season

The winning formula in NASCAR isn’t something that is easily obtained. Much like other sports, the best team or the best players (or drivers in NASCAR) do not always win. This is especially true in a sport like NASCAR where there are so many factors outside of a drivers control that can lead to a poor finish or a non-championship season.

Let’s for a moment pretend that we all live in a fantasy world. In this fantasy world you’re now a NASCAR team owner and you have to win a championship. Since I put all of you into this fantasy world; you will have the option to almost completely customize your one-car team. If you had full control and were able to pick from the best options out there, what would be your championship combination?

Listed below are all of the variables that you would be able to choose for your one-car team.

  • Driver – You can choose from any driver that has competed in the Truck Series, Nationwide Series or Sprint Cup Series in 2014.
  • Manufacturer – You can choose from Ford, Chevrolet or Toyota.
  • Crew Chief – You can select any current Crew Chief from any series.
  • Pit Crew – You can select any drivers current pit crew. If I had to go out on a limb I would dare say that Kevin Harvick’s pit crew might not be a popular selection.
  • R and D Packages – Hendrick, Penske, Roush, Stewart-Haas or any other teams engine and aero packages that you prefer. You could argue that Hendrick has the best engines but others will argue that Penske consistently has the best aero packages; to each their own.
  • Sponsor – This one is just for fun, if you could have anyone as a primary sponsor who would you pick? Maybe your favorite driver is Greg Biffle but you hate the 3M sponsor, now is your chance to change it up.

Now we here at Beyond The Flag would never make you do all of this thinking for nothing. After you have assembled your winning combination, visit us on Twitter or Facebook and tell us what your combination is. In the meantime our staff are going to vote and come up with one combination of our own. If your combination matches our combination, we will reward you with some cool free stuff. Please note that the sponsors don’t have to match up but if you manage to pull that off we will most likely throw you something extra simply because the odds of that are astronomical.

Remember, you have to put your combination on either our Twitter page or Facebook page, both links can be found below.

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