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Should More Road Races Be Added To The NASCAR Schedule?

The answer is no. Although most of the fans appreciate races on road courses just because these are different from the other 34 and hope that even more are added to the schedule, in my opinion they should reconsider their thought of increasing the amount of road races throughout the season for many reasons:

The main cause is that Sprint Cup cars are very heavy (3300 pounds) and they are not designed to compete on non-oval tracks. They need fast speeds throughout a whole lap to perform appropriately and to reach high speeds they first have to build up momentum. The banking of most of the oval tracks helps them build this momentum because it allows drivers to just lift from the throttle for a bit while getting into the corners and then get back on it. The drivers use their brake pedal just on a few half-mile and one-mile tracks where speeds are usually low. These racecars need long straightaways to get up to speed and this is not possible on road courses, which are built for cars that are lighter and accelerate more quickly. Summing up, these tracks are not good for them.

Secondly, I think it does not reflect the true spirit of stock car racing. NASCAR has nothing to do with road courses! It was born and raised on short tracks and it developed in what it is today by inserting many superspeedways on the calendar. In my view, adding more road courses to the schedule would clash with tradition and it could overshadow the peculiarity of NASCAR, the oval tracks that make it a unique motorsport.

An example of a type of motorsport ruined by too many road courses is given by the Indycar Series that in its period of fame was called CART. Its current schedule has just six races on ovals while it has nine road courses in it. Road races are much less action-filled than the oval races (even if indycars do not weight as much as stock cars and get up to speed much more quickly, so the road courses fit them better) and make the Indycar Series look incredibly like the boring Formula 1 of the recent years. I think that to regain the popularity that it once had, the series should get back to the tradition.

Back to NASCAR, on the other side I think that the two road races in the schedule represent a great opportunity for drivers who are underdogs on ovals, Marcos Ambrose for example, to work their way into the Chase by earning a win there, so I think these races must not be taken away from the schedule either. What do you think about this topic?

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