Jun 6, 2014; Long Pond, PA, USA; Crew members work on the car of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kyle Busch (18) during practice for the Pocono 400 at Pocono Raceway. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

NASCAR: Kyle Busch Makes Strange Comment About M&M's

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Sunday at Sonoma wasn’t the greatest of days for Kyle Busch and his No. 18 machine. After a race filled with ups and downs Busch wound up finishing in the 25th position. Busch has been in a bit of a skid lately having only one top-10 finish in his last eight races. During that eight race stretch he has four finishes of 21st or worse. Aside from his on-track performance, Busch has also been in the news because of the rumored move of Carl Edwards to Joe Gibbs Racing. As the rumor goes, Edwards was going to be taking over the M&M’s sponsorship upon joining JGR in 2015.

Although nothing to this point can be confirmed about Edwards, a rep for JGR did confirm this weekend that the M&M’s sponsorship would be staying with Busch and the No. 18 team. While that is good news for Busch fans who like seeing him in that ride, it makes the comment following the Toyota/SaveMart 350 even stranger.

Following the race on Sunday as Busch was driving to the garage area he asked the following question over his radio as Edwards was celebrating on the track.

Is the M&M’s contract signed yet?

After asking the question someone replied back with a simple “No.” My question is fairly simple, why in the world is Busch worried about a sponsor deal just moments after finishing a race? In fact, he was so concerned about it that he couldn’t even wait until he got out of the car to ask because he asked as he was driving to the garage area.

JGR may have come out and said there is nothing to worry about in regards to Busch and M&M’s and that may end up being the case. However, you cannot deny that the timing of that comment is a bit strange. Moments after a race drivers usually have a lot on their minds and sponsor contracts don’t usually tend to rank high on that list. Is it plausible that Edwards winning the race had something to do with Busch asking about the contract? Is it possible that the deal with M&M’s isn’t a sure thing?

I guess that we will have to wait and see. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

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  • peggy18

    Kyle is playing you in the media for the fools you are. He was just being sarcastic, because of how he finished. But of course you in the media spread rumors and make up crap-too get the stories you want.

    • gosadrams

      I sure hope you’re right. Having Carl Edwards to which I’m a big fan, it would kill me to see Carl do a back-flip out of a stinking Toyota! Toyota will never be a legitimate NASCAR brand. The N in NASCAR stands for “National” in which Toyota is NOT! I don’t care where they’re assembled. Assemble them in, America, America, Toyota is NOT a National brand. Where have all the fans gone? H’MMMM!

      • Doug Rowdy KB Hansen

        This is TOYOTA USA not Japan they’re located in California so yes Toyota is a national brand. Just thought you should know :-)

        • peggy18

          Such an old arguement-specaially since TOYOTA employs and builds mores cars in AMERICA than the Big 3. Just look at the state of Detroit right now.

  • peggy18

    Since JD Gibbs himself said that Kyle is the M&M driver, on the morning of the race, And JD didn’t hesitate at all when saying so. Matter fact he showed more hesitation when EVEN talking about the possibility of there even being a 4th team. I will take his word over any half bake attempt at journalism.

  • 4evernascarfan

    Edwards would surely be a better representative for M&M’s than Kyle, especially because of the number of children that follow the M&M’s sponsorship

  • peggy18

    Oh like Carl hasn’t done anything questionable. LOL

  • peggy18

    Also the person who replied back with a “no” was Dave Rodgers. And it was pretty damn clear that it was Dave. And he said “no” as a question- not a statement. And this article from NASCAR.com should help you along in your attempt at journalism: http://www.nascar.com/content/nascar/en_us/news-media/articles/2014/6/23/kyle-busch-mms-sponsorship-2015-joe-gibbs-racing.html.html