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NASCAR To Add Special Flare To Cars Who Make Chase

Courtesy of NASCAR.com

Courtesy of NASCAR.com

The 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series chase is only a handful of races away. Over the next seven races drivers who have already won will look to add to their win totals in an effort to improve their seeding for when the chase begins in September. Drivers who have yet to win a race will hope to do so in an effort to clinch a spot that they may not have otherwise had, take Aric Almirola for example. The final seven races will also see a handful of drivers point racing in an effort to make the chase based on their position in the point standings should they not be able to find their way to Victory Lane.

While it remains to be seen who will snag the final few spots in the chase; it is certain that when the chase begins those involved will have a special paint scheme on their cars.

Earlier this week NASCAR announced that all 16 cars in the 2014 chase field will feature a special chase paint scheme. This paint scheme is designed so that the drivers who are in the chase can be easily spotted by fans who are watching at home or at the track. As a result of NASCAR’s new chase system in 2014 the chase field will start at 16 and then be narrowed to 12 and then eight and finally four heading into the final race of the season. As drivers are knocked out of the chase they will not be allowed to keep their special chase paint scheme.

The special chase paint scheme which can be seen above consists of four things.

  1. The drivers name on the windshield will now have a bright yellow background.
  2. Every car in the chase will be sporting a bright yellow splitter.
  3. Every car in the chase will have a special 2014 chase decal on the driver side of the car.
  4. The number atop of each chase car will be bright yellow.

Although the paint scheme is subtle, it is truly a nice move by NASCAR. Through the early portion of the chase there are going to be 16 and then 12 cars that are still “in.” This special scheme which adds bright yellow accents to the chase cars will be great for fans to easily identify who is in the chase and where in the pack they are running. It is by no means a stroke of genius but it is without question a nice touch.

The 2014 chase is set to begin September 14th at Chicagoland Speedway.

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