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One of the things we value at Beyond the Flag is fan interaction. And to do that we offer a very simple and interactive commenting system. Our commenting system is powered by Disqus which is a very popular platform for comments on websites because of their simplicity and social-media based interaction.

We would like to share a few ground rules with you just so that things don’t get out of hand and the comments are not abused. Please keep it clean, we are aware many people use profanity, but you never know who reads these articles and comments. It could be children after all! If a writer makes a mistake, don’t get rude and nasty about it. Just simply make a polite statement informing them they’ve made a mistake (such as “Hey Tom, I’ve noticed you made a small mistake in saying that Jeff finished 4th, he finished 14th.”). It’s human nature to make mistakes and it’s going to happen!

So head on over to and create your free account now! Another cool concept with Disqus is that they do not spam your email!

With Disqus you can connect (and Log In) with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts!

Live Discussion: Discussions unfold in real-time. Comments stream as they are posted and user activity indicates life on your website!

Live Activity Indicators: Indicators make it easier for people to notice, see, and interact with new content and activity as it happens.

Typing Presence: Disqus even shows when others are in the middle of writing and editing their comment but haven’t posted just yet.

Social Media Sharing: Allow users to easily share any comment or discussion thread to their favorite social network. Sharing directs new referral traffic directly back to your site.

Reactions: Discussions around your content happens all over the web. Disqus finds these conversations from Twitter and pulls them into the discussion on your website.

Social Media Tagging: With @mentions, easily include others on Disqus, Twitter, and Facebook in your discussion. Mentioned people are notified and encouraged to join your community.

Disclaimer: Information courtesy of Disqus!