OPINION: Green White Checkers: A Good Thing?

I was listening to SIRIUSXM NASCAR this afternoon on my way to work and the topic they were discussing grabbed my attention.

The question asked was: Are Green White Checkered finishes a good thing? Do they need to be changed? Eliminated?

Good question.

I have mixed views on this topic but here are my thoughts.

I love the idea of racing it out until the end. Having a caution flag on the last lap when the racing is so close at the front just leaves fans, drivers and teams frustrated and feeling like the race didn’t get to play out. Implementing the GWC finish was a great idea by NASCAR, but I think it could use a few tweaks.

Currently, the GWC finish can be run up to three times at the end of a race if the drivers fail to make it to the finish under green. Upon the third attempt, the final flag signals the end of the race whether it is the checkered or the caution flag.

Listening to SIRIUSXM NASCAR, the analysts and callers had some good opinions that got me thinking: why not have unlimited GWC finishes?

How many times has a race ended under caution since the GWC rule has been put in place? Quite a few.

Seeing a race finish under caution leaves everyone wanting more. We want to see the drivers race it out…not coast across the finish line. Keeping the GWC rule but allowing NASCAR to do it an unlimited amount of times would give the fans the finish they want.

Now, this plan definitely has its flaws. Take Daytona and Talladega for example. With the “big ones” happening frequently during the closing laps of these races, having an unlimited amount of GWC finishes could leave us with just a handful of cars left on the track before they finally race it out to the checkers. That would be too much carnage.

But think of the excitement that having an unlimited amount of GWC finishes would bring! Pit stops would be that much more important. Having enough fuel, calculating how much fuel a driver might need, would be mind-boggling.

Do you think NASCAR should change the GWC rule? Comment below and let us know!