NASCAR: Who Had The Best & Worst Week Ever (Richmond)

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Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Best Week Ever – Kurt Busch

The winner of the race each week doesn’t always necessarily have the best week ever, but in this case that is what happened.

Kurt Busch has been through a lot this season. He missed the first three races of 2015 while being suspended by NASCAR as a result of his domestic abuse claim by his ex-girlfriend. Once that case was resolved (charges were not pressed) Busch returned to NASCAR and ran well out of the gate despite missing valuable track time.

Twice since his return Busch has been in a position to win races late but cautions have foiled those plans. Sunday in Richmond cautions couldn’t stop Busch from winning, even though there were a couple of them late. The win for Busch is almost like him coming full circle since his off-track issues began. Now that Busch has secured his spot in the chase he can focus on continuing his winning ways and contending for a second championship.