IMSA: Catherine Crawford Diagnosed With Brain Tumor in Italy

Catherine Crawford, lead engineer for the Panoz Delta Wing IMSA racing team, was diagnosed with brain tumor while in Italy.

In a statement from Catherine Crawford’s parents released via team press release, Catherine was complaining of a severe headache and other symptoms while on a business/pleasure trip to Italy and went to the doctor to be examined. Upon examination the tumor was discovered and emergency surgery was performed. Doctors credited her husband Russ for taking quick action and getting her to the doctor.

Her condition is not know at this time, but the doctors are encouraged by the progress Catherine has made following the surgery. Her family is by her side as she recovers at the hospital in Rome.

In recent interviews I had with Delta Wing driver Katherine Legge and Team Manager Tim Keene, both specifically credited Crawford in the great strides the team has made in 2016.

A quote from Tim Keene upon hearing the new regarding Catherine Crawford

“It goes without saying that we were all devastated by the news, as we are a very tight-knit family, just as everyone is in the entire racing community. Catherine is such a strong and feisty woman, and I have all the confidence in the world that she’ll overcome this and come back to us all stronger than ever. We will continue on in the upcoming races, but her presence will always be with us as she makes her recovery.”

Statement from the team

Catherine Crawford is an irreplaceable member of the Panoz DeltaWing Racing team and has been instrumental in the success the team has enjoyed recently. The team will return to Long Beach with the current team as it is and remain positive and hopeful that Catherine will make a full recovery.

We hope and pray for the quick recovery of Catherine Crawford along with her family, and will keep you updated on her status as information becomes available.