NASCAR: Gordon vs. Keselowski – Which One Is Wrong?

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Brian Thornsburg – Gordon Is Wrong

The question isn’t whether Gordon is bias or not towards Chase Elliot, he is by the way, it’s whether it affects his ability to entertain fans and call the action up in the booth. While his equity stake in in HMS and his almost always positive words for Chase Elliot in the booth are reason enough to call him bias, his weekly devotion to the No. 24 team and increased coverage puts it over the top.

Of course Brad Keselowski haters are going to criticize him for picking on the four-time champion and the young rookie, but he does honestly have a point here. In fact, this is the same thing that many fans routinely called Darrel Waltrip out on for having a bias towards Toyota and his brother’s team, Michael Waltrip racing. The only difference is the immense star power Jeff Gordon has in the sport

With that being said, it would hypocritical for any NASCAR fan, not just those that favor Gordon and Elliott, to take their side and say that Gordon isn’t bias in this situation. Sure, Elliott was a dominant driver in Monday’s race at Pocono but Gordon seemed a lot more interested in taking about the possibility of Elliott winning the race by saving fuel then he was about the other storylines playing out.

In fact, Gordon and the other commentators were so caught up in how much fuel Chase Elliot was saving, they almost forget to mention that Kurt Busch was leading the race with only a handful of laps left and a rookie crew chief on the pit box. Not only should that be embarrassing for Jeff Gordon, it should be enough of a reason for NASCAR to order him to tone it down a little.

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