NASCAR: The Good, Bad and Ugly from Darlington

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NASCAR and Darlington have brought back the excitement and thrill of the Southern 500 with its throwback weekend. 2016 was another fantastic chapter in this new tradition.

For several weeks now we have been seeing the unveiling of throwback paint schemes for the Southern 500. NASCAR’s labor Day tradition has been totally reinvented with the throwback theme.  2016 has taken it to another level and fans loved it.

With only two races left to get into the chase, the pressure has been turned up on several drivers. The lady in black is not a track that takes well to drivers trying to force the situation. On Sunday we saw the track reach up and grab several drivers and remind them of who was in charge.

The weekend at Darlington gave us a lot to reflect on and a race to remember. As great as some of the throwback schemes on the cars were, some of the pit uniforms were hideous. Thank heavens this is just a one-race deal.

For our good this week there was at least fifteen paint schemes that were worthy of consideration. The imagery this weekend with the retro schemes brought back memories of NASCAR in its heyday. 

I feel for as many times as I have put Martin Trues Jr’s bad luck in here I should put him in the good for winning Sunday night. It is great to see him in victory lane, but with his performance in 2016, he belongs there.

Looking back and reflecting on the weekend my good was obvious…

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