NASCAR: Mars Inc. Releases Statement On Kyle Busch Fight

Mars Inc. is not very happy with the 2015 NASCAR Cup Series champion following his altercation in Las Vegas this past weekend with Joey Logano and the No. 22 team.

NASCAR might not be stepping up to the plate when it comes to expressing their disappointment in Kyle Busch but one of his primary sponsors is. Late on Monday, Mars Inc. released a statement about Busch and his actions following this past weekend’s race. The below video shows Fox Sports reading the statement from Mars Inc. in regards to Busch.

Mars Inc. expressing their disappointment in Busch is not only refreshing given the way that NASCAR responded to the incident on Monday, but it also is something that has happened before. Back in 2011 Mars Inc. removed themselves as the primary sponsors on the No. 18 machine of Busch for the final two races of the season due to his on-track conduct. The 2011 incident involved Busch intentionally wrecking Ron Hornaday Jr. under caution in a NASCAR Truck Series event in Texas.

Earlier in the day on Monday, NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brain France spoke about the Kyle Busch and Joey Logano situation. France essentially summed the situation up as a driver being under stress and pressure and his emotions simply boiling over. France’s comments yesterday morning were ridiculous at best, especially coming from the CEO of a sport.

While Busch’s actions put NASCAR in a tough spot when it comes to deciding how much or how little to punish Busch, it shouldn’t put them in a tough spot when it comes to stating that his actions are not in-line with the expectations of their drivers. Mars Inc. has been a primary sponsor with Busch for the majority of his Cup Series career and they clearly have no issue pointing out when they believe that their driver has crossed the line.

It’s a shame that NASCAR isn’t able to do the same. That being said, if NASCAR is going to hand out some type of punishment or warnings, it would likely come down on Wednesday.

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