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8 Ways to Make the Off-Season Not So Awful

The NASCAR off season may be one of the shortest in the sports industry, but it feels like one of the longest.  From Mid-November to Mid-February, there is absolutely no racing, at all. No angry drivers looking for their nemesis. No twisted sheet metal to clean up. No race fans ready to cheer on their favorite driver every week. As an avid race fan, I think I can speak for all in saying that the Off Season is miserable.

Now, there are a few things you can do to make these three months not seem so terrible. There is Christmas and New Years to celebrate, I mean, who doesn’t like partying and getting new things?  But the Christmas and New Year’s celebration take up slightly more than one week, what about the other 12? Below is a list of possible remedies to help with your NASCAR withdrawal.

  1. Read a book or two. Now, you don’t have to pick up a classic like The Great Gatsby or Moby Dick, pick something up that you will enjoy! There are many NASCAR related books out there. Chicken Soup for the NASCAR Soul is full of real life stories from NASCAR drivers and people in the industry. Darrell Waltrip also has a book out, Sunday’s Will Never Be the Same, which talks about his life in racing. You can even read NASCAR for Dummies, see if you really do know everything about this wonderful sport.
  2. Find a new sport to watch. Just because you watch NASCAR doesn’t mean you can’t be a fan of another sport too. Take Football for example. Football is the only sport on TV with more viewers than NASCAR. Like NASCAR, there are many levels of football you can choose to watch. You can choose from college football, semi-pro, and NFL. Find out what team your favorite driver cheers for and root for them.  Heck, you may actually learn something.
  3. Plan out your Daytona 500 party. We all know you will be counting down the days until this famed race makes its yearly appearance… so why not throw a party to celebrate? Gather all of your NASCAR friends and come up with some great party food and games! You could have Stewart Sliders, Danica Dogs, Busch Beans (see what I did there), or Keselowski… well, that one might be a bit hard, but you get the idea. Have some fun and make this Daytona 500 one to remember.
  4. Start a blog. Talk about NASCAR, your pet, how much your brother drives you crazy, or what you did at work today. Just start typing! If you have a theme, stick to it, you will eventually gain followers and fans! Use social networking to get your blog site out to the universe. Once you have a fan base, there will be no stopping you!
  5. Research a new driver. There are plenty of drivers in the Nationwide and Truck Series and even the K&N Pro Series that don’t have big fan followings. Google their name, do some research, and find someone new to cheer for on race day! You never know, they might just break Jimmie Johnson’s 5 straight Championship record one day.
  6. Watch a movie. The weekends are long and boring without a race on TV so watch a movie instead! I’m sure there is that movie that you have always wanted to see but just haven’t gotten around to it, well, now is your chance! Grab that movie, get some popcorn, crack open your favorite beverage and enjoy!
  7. Find a new hobby. That guy on the stage every weekend at your favorite bar is an awesome guitar player and you have always wanted to know how to play. Now is your time! Think of something you have always wanted to do or try and DO IT! You have your weekends free with no race on so it is the perfect time to try something new.
  8. Make a dedication wall. Any dedicated race fan has driver memorabilia lying all over the house. Well, why not put it all in one place? Designate a wall in your house or apartment that is just for NASCAR. Set up shelves and proudly display all of those posters and diecasts that you bought on ebay.

There are many ways to make the off-season not so terrible, the trick is to find something to make the time go by! So whether you take any of my ideas to heart or think of one of your own, do whatever you can to survive these next three months because why would you want to miss the Daytona 500?

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