Breaking Down Hendrick Motorsports

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Hendrick Motorsports has become the leading organization in the NASCAR industry and moving into 2014, it is looking to be another year of Hendrick domination. The question that teams and fans alike have been trying to figure out is, what makes them so good? In truth, we will never know just what makes Hendrick Motorsports so strong but one thing is for certain, the four men that they have behind the wheel contribute immensely to their greatness.

Since its creation in 1984, Hendrick Motorsports have risen to the top ranks on the NASCAR series. With eleven Sprint Cup Championships, One Nationwide Championship, three Truck Series Championships and a total of 218 victories in the Sprint Cup Series alone. Hendrick Motorsports was on top once again in 2013 when their driver Jimmie Johnson grabbed his sixth Sprint Cup Series title.

Looking back at all of the drivers that have piloted a Hendrick Motorsports machine, there are a few names that stand out and had a significant impact in making HMS all it is today.

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