Nascar Trek: If NASCAR Drivers Were Star Trek Characters


Inspired by the recent release of the new Star Trek movie,’s own Adam Best wrote a very interesting piece on, if sports athletes were Star Trek characters, which character they would be. After reading the article, I myself, was inspired to write my own article. Only this one is on NASCAR drivers, and which Star Trek character they would be. Hopefully, you find it enjoyable.

The cast for the upcoming movie, “Nascar Trek”, directed by Mike Helton:

Kyle Busch as Captain James T. Kirk: Like Kirk, Busch is egotistical to say the least. Also like Kirk, he has every right to be. He lays it all on the line every time he goes into battle, and usually wins. He also isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, even if it isn’t the right time or place. Regardless if where each one might be that particular week, both of them are always the star of the show.

Matt Kenseth as Spock: Many people believe that Matt Kenseth, like Spock, shows no emotion. However, we have seen emotion come pouring out of both of them. Another thing that these two have in common is that you very rarely see either one mess up. In my opinion, those two things are enough to make Matt Kenseth the perfect Spock.

Tony Stewart as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy: McCoy is the most cynical character in the movie. He’s the one who isn’t afraid to smart off at anybody, regardless of what they might say. Tony Stewart is a reporter’s worst nightmare for just that reason. If a reporter asks him a question, they’ll most likely get their head chewed off(not that they don’t deserve it). But, when it comes down to it, both of them get the job done.

Jeff Gordon as Nyota Uhura: There are no female drivers in NASCAR, so I chose the next best thing. Both get the job done. And Gordon, like Uhura, is the most likely of everybody to have a crush on Spock. Relax Gordon fans, I kid… kind of.

Elliott Sadler as Scotty: Sadler is another one of those guys who just kind of says whatever hits his tongue, much like Scotty. I wasn’t sure who to make Sadler: Bones or Scotty. But considering that Scotty is the one with the funny accent, Sadler made the perfect Scotty.

Joey Logano as Pavel Chekov: The only NASCAR driver Mr. Best included in his article was Joey Logano as Chekov, and I agree. The reason being is that Logano, like Chekov, is extremely young, but is very talented and learns very fast. Someday, Chekov might be the captain of the Enterprise(hey, it’s another life for them; it could happen), just like Logano might be a Sprint Cup champion.

Carl Edwards as Hikaru Sulu: The fact that he has a pilot’s license is good enough to make Carl Edwards the perfect Sulu. That, and the fact that both have “Boldly gone where no man has gone before”. Alright, one man has gone where Edwards went(meaning the catchfence at Talladega).

Juan Pablo Montoya as Nero: Nobody likes Nero. Nobody likes Montoya. Nero doesn’t like anybody. Montoya doesn’t like anybody. Enough said.

So there is the cast for the upcoming movie “Nascar Trek”, directed by a man who is nowhere near as cool as J.J. Abrams, but sure is Lost in his own right, Mike Helton. “Nascar Trek”, coming to a track near you!