Fans: NASCAR Needs To Even Up Competition; Kahne Should Go To Stewart-Haas; Hyundai In NASCAR? Yeah Right!


Over the past few weeks, our comment wall has been flooded with the fans’ opinions on many different issues. Beginning this week, I will be starting up a weekly segment dedicated to the opinions of the fans, and will include only the best comments from the previous week.

The first comment of the week comes from Ron, who commented on this article. Ron believes that NASCAR has been partial to the Bow-tie brigade for way too long:

"If you look at history, Nascar has always been partial to Chevys,go backin the 60`s when the Hemi and the Cobra Jets were roaring around the tracks the chevy just couldn`t keep up then rule change, the cars with hemi engines was tag with extra weight and restrictor plate, the ford engine was banned totally. Another instance was when wild Bill and the boy from Dawsonville was running wild rule change, they blamed it on Bobby tearing the fence down at Talladega before that GM didn`t have anything that was within 10 mph of his ford. Sterling Marlin had 1 hell of a Dodge in I think the year was 2001 or 2002 they had an engine at that time that could supposedly turn(9500 rpm)while Chevy could turn only (8700 rpm),in mid year they did an engine rule change, PLEASE look at the history of NASCAR and tell me how many times something like this have happened,not only did they have a engine rule change they made them change the body of the car no more body shifting.This engine rule change my friend was the start of Dodge as being the third red headed stepchild."

The next comment comes from Marg, who commented on this article. Marg would LOVE to see his favorite driver in Stewart-Haas equipment:

"I would LOVE to see my favorite driver, Kasey Kahne, move to Stewart-Haas. He’s never really had a chance to show what he can do, because his equipment has generally not been competitive. I’m from Michigan and the LAST thing I want to see is for him to drive a Toyota. He and Budweiser would be an amazing addition to Stewart-Haas….watch out Hendricks team and all the others, if that happens!"

The final comment comes from Kadieon, who commented on this article. Kadieon believes it’s hard not to sleep on Hyundai:

"It’s hard to not sleep on Hyundai when their fastest vehicle, the Tiburon, is just short of a joke with regards to speed. Yes, they may have a V8 vehicle already, however, another key factor you are neglecting to look at is how efficient is the engine and vehicle itself? Honda/Nissan/Toyota/BMW/Mercedes all have racing backgrounds, not to mention championship wins; Whether it be, Pro GT, Le Mans, Formula 1, etc… they understand what it takes to be a racing company and the lengthy road you have to travel to get that label. So, having that said, I don’t think something such as adding another pair of cylinders to a block is really going to defer them or keep them behind the pack.Hyundai is years behind…"

So that’s a wrap for this week’s opinions from the fans. All of them made great points, and deserved a mention in this week’s article. Join us again next week for more fan opinions. And remember, you too, can be mentioned in an article simply by leaving a comment on any of the articles posted here. Remember, make it good, but don’t over-do it.