Interview Files: Dave Thompson of Eutechnyx


Editor’s Note: Over the last week I had talked with Dave Thompson from Eutechnyx who is one of the producers of the NASCAR the Game series about doing an interview for us. He graciously agreed and I am super excited about this. NASCAR the Game: Inside Line looks really great and much improved over last year’s game. I’d like to thank Dave for answering some questions for us, and Eutechnyx for their hard work they’ve put into this year’s game!

This is your second time around in making the NASCAR the Game series. Did you have any challenges come up that you had in making the first instalment and were there any new difficulties in the making of the second installment?

"Making a game for a top sporting franchise always brings with it challenges, but the first game certainly provided us with important experience. We were able to look back at the first game and get feedback from the fans on which features had been popular and also what we needed to work on."

What is the biggest improvement made in the game from last year’s game?

"The online has been completely reworked to provide a stable in-depth experience. Then again, we’ve also built a whole new career mode so it’s hard to say which is the biggest improvement. I think we better let the fans decide!"

I’ve read and seen many new ideas put into this year’s game such as the new career mode, new online platform, etc. What has to be your personal favourite?

"My personal favourites are the little touches that we’ve added throughout the game. From the Polish Victory Lap achievement you can unlock, to the special messages you get for beating some real world records, we’ve tried to pour as much affection for the sport as we can into the game."

Now, I admit I’m one of those fans, that doesn’t understand why a 2012 version of the game is coming out just before the end of the season. Are there plans to give users an update with the 2013 cars and drivers? If so, we can we be expecting that to be released? Of course I have to add this third part…will is cost users to upgrade to the 2013 season?

"Basically to include as accurate a portrayal of the 2012 season as possible, the late completion date was essential. Many of the paint schemes throughout the season are not confirmed until close to the race date, plus you have track repaves and a host of other issues to contend with. Taking the route we did allowed us to create something which we feel provides a great 2012 experience, but also allows us to build on.  I can’t confirm details of any DLC plans right now, but rest assured it’s something we’re looking at."

Why did you guys decided to go with the title Inside Line over just using the years?

"We wanted to create something a little more original. It was too easy to just change the year so we came up with a cool title that was a great play on words."

Online mode has had its share of criticism simply because people will enter the lobby and wreck other users trying to race. Has there been a system put in place to report users or kick users from the lobby who are there to just wreck other users? Will it be usable in the middle of the race?

"Troublesome griefer types are always an issue in online gaming, and we were sorry to see some players having their experience spoiled last time around. This time we’ve introduced a system that ghosts cars that do obviously malicious things like driving the wrong way around the track, or stop on track. It’s never going to be perfect, but hopefully it’ll go some way towards helping players get a better experience."

Is there anything else you may want to say to other NASCAR fans?

"We’d just like to say a huge thank you to our community who regularly provide us with great feedback on the game. If this game is the success we hope it will be, the fans will have played a huge part in that. Oh and if there’s any motorsport fanatics out there who haven’t visited the NASCAR The Game community yet, you’re very welcome to drop by our forums, Facebook page or follow us on Twitter any time!"

On behalf of myself and the entire staff of Beyond the Flag, I want to thank Dave for sparing a few minutes in his busy day to answer some of our questions. You can pre-order NASCAR the Game: Inside Line today before it will be released in stores on November 6th!