Sprint All-Star Race Make Over


Overall reaction after Saturday night’s All-Star race? After a rather non-eventful race, many fans stated they would like to see the race rotated among other tracks and that the race hasn’t built up to all the media’s hype in recent years, in particular the final 10 lap shootout.

It’s no secret that the Sprint All-Star race has been a little bit of a let down in recent years. There has only been one pass for the lead in the last five laps of the event once in the past eight years. The most memorable moments of the All-Star race in recent years have been the victory celebrations. There have also been little beating and banging despite what is promoted. In 2012, there were only two cautions, both for oil on track.

May 18, 2013; Concord, NC, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers Clint Bowyer (15) , Kyle Busch (18) and Carl Edwards (99) during the Sprint All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The media builds the All-Star race up as a all-or-nothing event for drivers. This includes rubbing fenders, wrecks, tempers and close racing. Action on track has been nearly opposite.

So how does NASCAR recapture the magic the Sprint All-Star race once had? Here are a few ideas.

Rotate Tracks

The Sprint All-Star race has always been at Charlotte Motor Speedway since 1985. But the idea of rotating tracks has been an argument in recent years.

Rotating tracks will offering a little more unpredictability and some tracks, more than others, would offer closer action. For example, Martinsville would be a good choice being a short track and more opportunities that will cause drivers to trade paint.

Another idea would be to go to tracks that are not on the Sprint Cup schedule like a Rockingham or Iowa.

No Mandatory Pit Stops

Mandatory pit stops have been a large part of the All-Star race in recent years. But what about no mandatory pit stops?

With no mandatory pit stops, pit strategy would seem to play a bigger role in the race. With a shorter event and no points on the line, teams may be more likely to take risk in stratagy. That may include a stop for four fresh tires or staying out for track position.

With mandatory pit stops, running order doesn’t typically change that drastically. Having everyone on different pit strategies could shake up the field a little more.

No mandatory pit stops would also come more into play with longer segments if NASCAR chose to do so.

Go Backwards And Forwards

I know it sounds corky but think about it. Have drivers change directions on the race track between each segment. That should throw drivers a curve ball. A car will handle differently going in each direction.

In this format, teams would have to work harder to mange the right strategy as well as find a happy medium for the car to race in each direction.

If nothing else, seeing cars going in the “wrong” direction would be something new for fans and drivers. It would certainly add unpredictability and something new that is out of the box.

Your Ideas

What ideas do you have? Do you agree or disagree with the suggestions above? Share you thoughts by commenting below or tweet @NASCARInformer on Twitter.