NASCAR: Duck Commander 500 LIVE Race Updates


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The NASCAR Duck Commander 500 in underway on FOX. Monday racing might be tough for everyone to keep track of so Beyond the Flag is going to bring you LIVE race updates today.

LAP 1: Before the official green flag drops numerous drivers hit pit road because the jet dryers are causing their car flaps to fly open. Newman, Keselowski and Patrick all on pit road.

LAP 12: Earnhardt Jr. hits the grass and then the wall. His car is on fire but he is out and safe. No. 88 to the garage.

Lap 48: Competition caution is out. Johnson had tire issues and has been in and out of the pits to fix it. Harvick had engine troubles and is out of the race, left garage area without talking to reporters. Stewart wins the race off of pit road. Keselowski is okay after early issues.

LAP 52: Gordon likes his car currently running 5th. Kahne lost 15 spots during those stops. Stewart leads the field.

LAP 61: 14, 2, 16, 24, 99 and the sun is coming out.

LAP 65: Gordon is FAST and up to 3rd. Edwards has fallen to 8th. Stewart continues to lead.

LAP 70: NASCAR skips the second competition yellow. Stewart leads and is now the all time leader in laps lead at Texas Motor Speedway. Cars are getting free as the sun comes out.

LAP 74: Kahne is up 11 spots to 19th after struggling on pit road.

LAP 79: Kahne battling for 15th. Cars are beginning to move up the track for grip.

LAP 83: 2, 14, 24, 1, 11

LAP 87: Gordon moves to 2nd and Hamlin to 4th. 2, 24, 14, 11, 1

LAP 91: Green Flag stops are underway, Ambrose and Stenhouse Jr in. Gordon gaining on Keselowski for the lead!

LAP 93: Danica Patrick goes a lap down.

LAP 97: No. 43 car slides through his box. Keselowski and Stewart hit pit road, Gordon to the lead.

LAP 98: Khane gets into the back of the No. 36 on pit road, Gordon gives up the lead to pit.

LAP 100: 2, 11, 24, 18, 31

LAP 103: There are 27 cars on the lead lap, Stenhouse Jr is the first car that is a lap down.

LAP 106: 11, 24 and 18 are reeling in Keselowski.

LAP 110: Hamlin has caught Keselowski and Kahne is the fastest car on the track right now.

LAP 121: All things are calm … 11, 2, 24, 18, 16

LAP 132: Gordon is closing in on Hamlin for the lead, 20 cars are on the lead lap.

133: Newman to pit road because of spliter issues.

LAP 138: Green flag stops are underway.

LAP 143: Hamlin gets nabbed for exiting pit road too fast.

LAP 153: Gordon to the lead. 24, 18, 2, 16 and 15. Hamlin is running in 15th after pit road penalty. There are 20 cars on the lead lap.

LAP 165: 24, 18, 2, 15 and 22. There are 17 cars on the lead lap and Hamlin is 13th.

LAP 171: Track is warming up and Gordon is still leading. Who do you like tonight … UCONN or Kentucky … Waltrip has Kentucky. 24, 2, 18, 15 and 22.

LAP 175: CAUTION is out! This is what Hamlin wanted to see, he is running 11th and on the lead lap. Caution is for Kurt Busch and the No. 41 machine.

LAP 178: Gordon wins race off of pit road. 24, 2, 18, 22, 15, 16, 42, 5, 11 and 20.

LAP 183: RESTART and Gordon has a great restart but Keselowski takes the lead!

LAP 188: 2, 24, 18, 22, 15, 42, 16, 5, 1 and 11.

LAP 192: Only 15 cars are on the lead lap right now. Commentators are praising the hell out of Larson who is running 6th right now and leading the Rookie Standings.

LAP 200: Keselowski says he might have a vibration. He leads Gordon by 1.117 seconds.

LAP 207: Logano has caught Gordon. McMurray cuts a tire and makes a heck of a save, no caution.

LAP 214: Gordon and Logano are closing on Keselowski, both are within a second.

LAP 216: Logano passes Gordon for 2nd. 2, 22, 24, 18 and 15. Keselowski is the fastest on the track and Gordon saying he is having trouble getting off of the corner. Logano’s car is coming to him.


LAP 219: Kurt Busch spins after a tire goes down, he was 26th and two laps down. Bayne gets the free pass.

LAP 221: The race off of pit road goes; 2, 22, 18, 24 and 15. Gordon said his car is bad in traffic, so this isn’t going to help him.

LAP 227: 22, 2, 24, 18 and 15.

LAP 230: Keselowski keeps pace with leader Logano while Gordon falls about a second behind them in third.

LAP 234: Logano is putting space between him and Keselowski, almost a full second now. Gordon is two seconds back and Busch is three.

LAP 242: Biffle is gaining on Larson and Busch is gaining on Gordon.

LAP 252: Busch is battling Gordon for third!

LAP 254: CAUTION for debris. Edwards get a lap back.

LAP 260: 22, 24, 2, 42, 18. Bowyer missed a lug not and had to pit again and here is the restart.

LAP 264: Logano leads Gordon by .650 seconds

LAP 267: Logano leads by a second. 22, 2, 24, 18, 42 and 11.

LAP 268: 100 miles to go in this race, it’s go time folks!

LAP 277: Logano has a commanding lead! 22, 2, 24, 42 and 16.

LAP 281: Johnson has to pit of of sequence because they are running a different strategy. Logano has almost a four second lead with the leaders only needing to stop one more time!

LAP 286: Larson is closing on Gordon and Keselowski who are battling for 2nd. Larson is faster but Logano is five seconds ahead!

LAP 291: Green flag stops are coming. 22, 2, 24, 42 and 16. There are 16 cars on the lead lap and 41 cars on the track.

LAP 293: Stenhouse Jr and Patrick all over each other on the track! Get a room you two!

LAP 296: Keselowski has trimmed a bit off of the lead but is still 4.6 seconds back. Larson has caught and passed Gordon for 3rd. Johnson is saving fuel and will run to the end to try to salvage a decent finish. Last pit stops will be coming any moment now assuming there isn’t a caution.

LAP 307: Green flag stops shake up the field behind Logano. 22, 2, 16, 18, 42, 24, 20, 11 and 5.

LAP 311: Logano dealing with traffic. Keselowski is 1.8 seconds behind.

LAP 314: 20 laps to go!! A caution should bring everyone to pit road. Logano by 1.9 seconds over Keselowski.

LAP 317: If Logano hangs on he will be the seventh different winner of the season. I cannot see Keselowski passing him even if he gets there with them being teammates and Keselowski having already won.

LAP 321: Logano is cruising, only a late caution will take this away from him. 13 laps to go!

LAP 323: Kahne has battled back to 10th. Keselowski is within one second of the leader and Busch is up to third. 11 laps to go!

LAP 327: Johnson is running low on fuel. Logano’s lead is back to 2.002 seconds.

LAP 330: No lapped traffic left for Logano as he hopes there isn’t a caution.

LAP 333: CAUTION is out RIGHT before Logano takes the white flag. HOLY COW! Busch scrapped the wall to bring the caution out.

LAP 334: Everyone hits pit road for the money stop! Jeff Gordon is the first off of pit road after only taking TWO tires.

LAP 334: Vicker’s also takes two tires. Logano comes out in 3rd and Keselowski will be hit for speeding on pit road! This will kill his chance to win the race.

LAP 335: Unless Kyle Busch wins this race from restarting 4th, there will be a seventh different winner.

LAP 336: Gordon will take the inside. Watch out for Busch and Logano with four tires compared to Gordon’s two.

LAP 338: Logano passes Gordon on the final lap and wins the race!

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