NASCAR: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not Heading Into Charlotte

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Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

NOT – Kasey Kahne

The Sprint All-Star Race was shaping up to be one heck of a night for Kasey Kahne and the No. 5 machine. Kahne had hands down one of the fastest cars on the track and he proved that by winning two of the first three segments of the race. However, Kahne’s night would take a turn for the worse during the fourth segment when he would slam into the outside wall and as a result finish the race in the 14th position. Following the race Kahne called out NASCAR for not properly cleaning the track. Kahne felt that they missed a large spot of oil which led to him and Ryan Newman hitting the wall right after one another. Saturday night was Kahne’s entire season in a nutshell. So many times this year he has looked good and then had something happen whether it was in his control or not. If this trend continues, the rest of the season might seem like an eternity for the No. 5 team.