NASCAR: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not Heading Into Charlotte

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HOT – Josh Wise

Josh Wise won the Sprint Fan Vote which gave him the right to race in the 2014 Sprint All-Star Race. By winning the Sprint Fan Vote, he beat out the likes of Danica Patrick, Kyle Larson and Austin Dillon. In the wake of Wise winning the vote there have been many claims of dirty pool if you will. Online there have been videos that have surfaced where it shows fans rigging computers so that they would continuously vote for Wise and more or less stuff the ballot box. There are a couple of ways to look at this situation but I am going to take the stance of you must have some pretty passionate and hardcore fans if they are going to go to that level for you. Is this something that NASCAR may have to look into in the future? Possibly, but in the meantime let Wise have his moment.