NASCAR: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not Heading Into Charlotte

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NOT – Tony Stewart

Many Tony Stewart fans are quick to become angry when anyone speaks poorly of how their favorite driver is doing thus far in 2014. Those fans are quick to point out that he is recovering from a serious leg injury and it;s a miracle that he is even racing at all this season. Those fans need to step back and relax. Stewart has shown us that he is capable of running well in 2014. He was able to string together three strong finishes earlier in the year which proves that he is well enough to be competitive. The issue with Stewart is not his leg, it’s his team. Numerous times this season Stewart has had competitive cars that disappear following pit stops. Numerous time this year Stewart will hit pit road running in the top-15 and come out of the pits outside of the top-25. Things like this happen to everyone but they should not be happening each and every week. Stewart may not be 100 percent but he is certainly capable of more than the results are showing. It would seem that there needs to be a shakeup somewhere on that No. 14 team and it might have to be sooner rather than later. Also, Stewart’s birthday is this week, Happy Birthday Tony!