NASCAR: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not Heading Into Charlotte

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HOT – Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was very open about how his car ran in the Sprint All-Star Race after he finished in the 4th position. Following the race he called his No. 88 machine a “dump truck.” This reference was made due to the fact that his car had no handling and was terrible getting into and out of the corners. If Earnhardt Jr. is able to finish in the top-five with a car that he felt was horrible, one would have to be scared of what he could do with a decent car this weekend for the Coca Cola 600. Over the last three seasons Earnhardt has become the most consistent that he has ever been in his Sprint Cup Career. The wins may have gone done over time but his top-five and top-10 finishes have sky-rocketed since 2012. Last weekend was just another example of that; Earnhardt took a car that most likely had no business being in the top-five and he found a way. Earnhardt is racing in 2014 like a champion and in 25 races he just might be one.