Rosberg Shines Whilst Hamilton Whines – Monaco GP


Monaco is the Formula 1 race, but it is also the race which is extremely monotonous if viewers aren’t treated to a race car disintegrating off a wall every few laps whilst beautiful people on yachts sit off to the side.

It’s almost impossible to overtake on this track and when a brave soul decides to take such a risk, the chances of their car coming out the other side intact are 50-50 (I’ve already explained my feelings regarding safety at the Monaco street course).

Yet, it is the race and even the thought of changing the course layout to better suit modern standards is sacrilegious within Formula 1.

So, instead of talking about the multiple crashes and safety cars deployed during Sunday’s race, let’s talk of happier things, beginning with Jules Bianchi’s first points finish and subsequently, Marussia’s first points finish as well.

Despite being reprimanded repeatedly before and during the race, Bianchi managed to finish overall in ninth place. The ecstatic Frenchmen showing his jubilation whilst speaking to Sky Sports F1:

"We have been waiting for this for a long and now that we have done it I am so proud of the team. They did a really good job and I am really happy to give them the result. It was really stressful for me in the car and I guess it was for the team as well as we had some penalties, so I was lucky to finish in the points. I cannot say anymore, it is just amazing."

Though the points it scored were minor in regard to the championship battle being undertaken by the front runners, the two points Marussia now have will guarantee it a portion of the overall end of season prize money. This money will no doubt help the back marker team financially and protect its future within Formula 1.

Whilst Marussia were united in joy, Mercedes on the other hand were split down the middle.

Nico Rosberg was of course in a state of glee after he managed to win the Monaco GP back to back; Lewis Hamilton, continuing to brood over Rosberg’s qualifying ‘mishap’ and a race victory lost, was quite the opposite.

Reminiscent of a child spitting the dummy, in a post-race interview with Sky Sports F1, Hamilton declared when he was asked of his and Rosberg’s relationship:

"We are not friends."

Though he still took second place on the podium, it would seem Hamilton is getting used to dominating Formula 1 once again, and did not like it one bit that Rosberg had the cheek to snatch himself a win on this occasion.

Despite keeping Rosberg’s gearbox in close sight throughout the race, a wayward piece of dirt made its way into one of Hamilton’s eyes which caused the Brit to have limited vision.

The singular speck of earth caused Hamilton to slow down dramatically and any chance of overtaking Rosberg was lost.

However, one man who wished to prosper on the woes of Hamilton was Daniel Ricciardo.

After being taken over by Kimi Raikkonen and team mate, Sebastian Vettel before the first corner, Ricciardo found himself stuck in fifth and looked likely to remain there all afternoon.

However, after Vettel retired and Raikkonen was forced to pit due to a slow tyre puncture, Ricciardo found himself in third once again.

Luck seemed to be on the Australian’s side and he took full advantage of Hamilton’s predicament, closing to within half a second behind the Mercedes by the time the chequered flag fell; unfortunately, Hamilton’s Silver Arrow was just too powerful down the straights, whether its driver was blind or not.

Though luck seemed to favour Ricciardo on the day, the Red Bull driver still scored his first Monaco podium and once again showed that he’s a talent on the rise.