NASCAR: Who’s Hot And Who’s Not Heading Into Daytona

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NOT – NASCAR Coverage on TNT

I know that I had mentioned this a couple of weeks ago but in all fairness I did that after only sampling a small portion of the TNT coverage. Last weekend I took in the entire TNT broadcast from start to finish and while in some respects they are better than FOX, in others they are down right miserable. One of the biggest flaws with TNT is the overall quality of their production. Whether it’s repeating audio, no audio, garbled audio or poor camera angles; there were enough odd miscues on Saturday that even the average race fan most likely noticed. While I do not believe that poor TV coverage is the main reason NASCAR ratings are down, it certainly isn’t helping any. During the Team USA run in the World Cup one of the coolest things in my opinion was the coverage of their matches. I am by no means a soccer fan and in fact have often disparaged the sport. However the TV production coupled with the fantastic commentators made it worth watching for me.  NASCAR deserves better than what TNT is giving them.