Country Singer Feels NASCAR Deserves The Middle Finger


Chase Rice performing on stage

Beyond The Flag recently had the opportunity to interview up-and-coming country music singer Chase Rice. Rice is about to release his first full length album on August 19th, he also currently has a top-20 billboard hit with his single ‘Ready Set Roll.’ Rice made his first major impact in country music when he co-wrote the hit song ‘Ride’ by Florida Georgia Line.

While Rice may be enthralled in the world of country music currently, his roots in NASCAR run deep.

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Rice broke into NASCAR as a member of the pit crew for Ryan Newman. Rice would later move on to join the pit crew for the No. 48 machine of Jimmie Johnson during his early championship years. Although Rice would leave the world of NASCAR to be a contestant on the TV show Survivor (in case you were wondering he came in 2nd place) he has still kept a eye on the sport and Johnson.

We asked Rice what he thought of the new chase system and whether or not he believed that Johnson could win a seventh or possibly an eighth NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship.

Via Chase Rice Twitter

"To be honest I’m not even sure what the new rules are for the chase, they seem to be changing the rules so often now. I know that it’s one of those win and your in deals.It just seems to me that they keep changing the rules to keep Jimmie from winning. I certainly hope that isn’t the case but I believe that NASCAR wants there to be different champions each year and the more Jimmie seems to win the more rule changes they seem to make. If that is the case (and I hope it’s not) than I hope that Johnson gives them (NASCAR) the middle finger and keeps on winning championships."

"The thing though is that Chad (Knaus) and Jimmie and Hendrick Motorsports are just so good. Every time that there is a change they seem to be the first ones to figure it out and keep on winning. I think he will at least get to seven (championships) because he is just too good to not win another one. As far as eight goes well that’s Earnhardt and Petty and it pains me as an Earnhardt fan to say this but I would like to see him get an eighth."

When it comes to Johnson and his success NASCAR fans are all over the board. The most loyal fans will argue that the world is against their favorite driver and that NASCAR doesn’t want him winning more championships. On the flip side of that those against Johnson will argue that cheating has gotten him his six titles.

As far as Rice is concerned it’s hard to find fault in him rooting for Johnson; he was after all a part of some of his championship success. Rice is currently looking to help others find success as well, although it is in the world of country music and not on a racetrack. Rice has teamed with Snagajob and The Hourly Gig to offer fans a chance to submit a video of them performing an original song. The top-five videos as chosen by Rice and friends will then be voted on by fans and the winning act will open for Rice when he performs a concert in Denver later this year.

Be sure to check out the submission page as well as Rice’s new album in August.

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