NASCAR: Boldly Predicting Who Takes The Final Chase Spots

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There are only seven races remaining until the start of the 2014 chase. Through the first 19 races there have been 11 different winners and for the sake of this conversation let’s assume that all 11 of those drivers will be heading to the chase. That being said, five spots are still up for grabs over the final seven races.

If the chase were to begin today those spots would go to the following drivers:

  • Matt Kenseth (12th seed)
  • Ryan Newman (13th seed)
  • Clint Bowyer (14th seed)
  • Paul Menard (15th seed)
  • Kyle Larson (16th seed)

A lot can happen in seven races and it is very likely that a name not listed above will work their way into the chase in the coming weeks. It is also not out of the question to see another new winner before the chase begins. Although the possibilities are endless; I’m going to provide you with exactly who I think is going to take those final five spots.