NASCAR: Boldly Predicting Who Takes The Final Chase Spots

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Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

12th Seed – Matt Kenseth

In all honesty I think Kenseth will have a seed higher than 12th because I believe that he is going to win one of the final seven races. However, even if he were to not win over the last seven races Kenseth will still make the chase. Kenseth has ran well in 2014 and has some good tracks coming up for him. He also has almost 50 points over the current 13th seed and almost 100 points over the current 16th seed. Kenseth and the No. 20 team would have to run horrible in the coming weeks to knock themselves out of chase contention. Other drivers in the chase should be pulling for Kenseth not to win in the coming weeks. Kenseth and his team are known for being streaky and if he were to get onto a hot streak heading into the chase it could be trouble for some of the other drivers.