NASCAR: Boldly Predicting Who Takes The Final Chase Spots

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15th Seed – Kasey Kahne

I want to say that Kahne isn’t going to win a race before the chase but then I remember what team he is a part of and the type of equipment that he brings to the track each and every week. I’m not going to go as far as saying that he is going to win this season but I will say that he is going to find a way to make the chase. Whether that way into the chase be via a win or running well over the final seven races, Kahne and the No. 5 team are going to make it happen. I also believe that Rick Hendrick badly wants all of his drivers in the chase and after the week off HMS might focus a little more on Kahne and making sure that he is in a position to run well. That is not saying that HMS doesn’t want its drivers to do well each week but if you feel that Kahne gets the same level of attention as the others, well yeah. I don’t believe Kahne is a contender to win a championship this season but the momentum that he is going to build getting into the chase might help him advance to the final eight in the chase field.