NASCAR: One Question Facing Each Driver Ahead Of 2015 Season

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Denny Hamlin (JGR) – Will Hamlin be able to get back to the Final-Four as well?

Much like Joey Logano, Hamlin will also be looking to return to the final-four in Miami in 2015.

Hamlin did not have the same season that Logano had in 2014 as he wasn’t as consistent nor did he win as many races. However, it’s hard to argue with his formula because he was in the final-four and at one point he was leading the race.

When it comes to 2015 Hamlin will need to try to win some more races and boost his top-five finishes. JGR will be looking to emerge as a team that can challenge HMS and SHR as the best in NASCAR and in order to do that Hamlin will need to be successful. Hamlin has contended for a title twice in his NASCAR career, walking away both times empty handed. If he is able to return to the final-four in 2015 it might be a different story; or at least that’s what he and his fans are hoping for.