NASCAR: One Question Facing Each Driver Ahead Of 2015 Season

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Carl Edwards (JGR) – Will joining JGR be a championship-winning move for Edwards?

Carl Edwards is one of the most trending drivers when it comes to the 2015 NASCAR season.

Experts, analysts and fans are all predicting big things for the driver of the No. 19 machine. Edwards who left RFR at the end of 2014 will come into a better situation at JGR. Last season all of the JGR drivers made the chase with Denny Hamlin making the final-four. In 2014 Edwards anchored a sinking RFR with a pair of win and a berth in the chase. Edwards’ teammates (Biffle and Stenhouse Jr.) were not able to win last season, however Biffle did take the final spot in the chase.

Edwards isn’t expected to anchor JGR in 2015 but he is expected to be at the center of their success. The closest that he has ever come to a title was in 2011 when he finished the season tied in the point’s with Tony Stewart. Unfortunately, Edwards lost the tiebreaker and Stewart won the title that year.

Moving to JGR should rejuvenate the title hopes of Edwards and all of his fans.