NASCAR: One Question Facing Each Driver Ahead Of 2015 Season

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Harvick (SHR) – Can Harvick become a repeat champion?

Harvick surprised many when he won the 2014 NASCAR title.

This is not to say that folks around the sport didn’t believe that Harvick was a good driver. However, he was moving to SHR and starting with a new team is never easy. Add to that the fact that SHR was basically building his team from the ground up and it didn’t seem like it was going to be a recipe for a championship.

Heading into 2015 Harvick will be looking to defend his title by winning the second one of his career. If Harvick were to win the title in 2015 he would become the first driver to win in consecutive years since Jimmie Johnson (2006-2010).

There is no reason to believe that Harvick won’t be in contention for a title this season. Harvick easily could have won 10 races in 2014 had luck been on his side. SHR is a strong team and their alliance with HMS only makes them that much stronger. Combine the SHR equipment with Harvick’s skills and the fact that he is retaining his championship-winning pit crew and you might have the recipe for a back-t0-back champion.