As IndyCar Testing Continues, Free Agents Vie for Final Spots

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Stefano Coletti. Credit:

Stefano Coletti

Upside: Coletti, like many others, pursued F1 for years, winning seven GP2 races (and one in GP2 Asia) as a perennial driver in that division. The Monegasque driver is well-funded, too, a major plus in this IndyCar market.

Questions: Whenever a driver spends year-after-year in a feeder series, there has to be some concern about why no promotion ever came. If F1 continually passed on Coletti, IndyCar may do the same.

Verdict: Coletti has tested with Schmidt Peterson and is now spending this week with KV Racing at NOLA Motorsports Park. He’s not the only funded candidate for either ride, so his quickness in the private sessions will be a determining factor.