Driscoll Offered To Help Manipulate Media For Tony Stewart?


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When former lovers get into heated court battles there are usually three sides to the story; his, hers and then the truth which tends to lie somewhere in the middle. When it comes to Kurt Busch and his Patricia Driscoll the jury is still out on what exactly that truth may be. Driscoll has accused Busch of being abusive, depressed and having an alcohol problem. Busch has accused Driscoll of being bitter over the breakup and using her skills as a “trained assassin” to make nothing into something.

When it comes to Driscoll being a “trained assassin” things took an interesting turn this week thanks to some emails that were received by kickinthetires.net. In the emails Driscoll is communicating with SHR and Tony Stewart’s public relations teams in the aftermath of the Kevin Ward Jr. tragedy. As you can see below Driscoll is expressing her interesting in helping the SHR camp manipulate the media, she also makes reference to having connections and having done this sort of thing before.

Below are some excerpts from her emails.

"I am writing you because what little know about me you may not know that I have a background in Psychological Operations, (Driscoll wrote, in an email dated Aug. 12, 2014). Part of my training and skill set is to break down large issues and be able to convince large and small groups of people to do what you want. I’ve worked in countries all over the world waging not only physical wars but mental wars, and I’ve helped get a lot of Congressman save their jobs when they did some stupid and not so legal things.Between NYC & DC the people I know and work with have saved the reputations of a lot of high profile people from DUI’s, sex scandals, DUI that lead to an accident where someone was killed, corruption, drugs, prostitution, etc., (Driscoll’s email continues). “This isn’t the time for just in house PR, this is the time for a good 10-15 different heads with different backgrounds putting together a war strategy. This monster is out of control and you only have a short time to steer this ship back around.Go on the offensive like your life depends on it. Nothing gets better until you fight back. You must campaign for your life. Leverage all of your assets, it’s time to cash in all of your chips.If Tony goes to Michigan then the King (Richard Petty) needs to be seen stopping by his trailer by the media, (Driscoll’s email continues). The media needs to be reminded of the 8 year old boy he accidentally killed while drag racing in 1965. The King has been kept alive financially by NASCAR and a lot of the owners. He should be pressured to be the face of this to help everyone out. All he has to do is talk about how devastating this even has been to him and that it haunts him to this day – get emotional and walk off. We need the sympathy factor here for what Tony is going through. If we could get Petty out there before the funeral Thursday that would be best.… “start drowning the media before the (Ward) funeral” because “a crying mom will be the front page of every paper and TV show if we wait and do nothing.”"

Obviously she did not come out in these emails and say that she was a trained assassin but clearly she is something. It’s not everyday that a girlfriend of a driver has this sort of reaction to a tragedy like the one that Stewart was involved in. I suppose you could also say that she was concerned and just trying to be helpful.

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~Please note that all quotes in this article were sourced from kickinthetires.net who state that the excerpts from the emails were in no way altered or changed from their original writing.~