NASCAR: The Big 2015 Prediction Page


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Before the start of each season Beyond The Flag puts out The Big Prediction Page. This page includes a series of predictions made by the BTF writers in regards to the 2015 NASCAR season. Some of the predictions have to do with some humorous topics and others have to do with predicting which drivers will be the most successful. Below are the predictions for the 2015 season.

What will NASCAR’s ratings look like in 2015 as compared to 2014?

  • Christopher Olmstead – I think you will see some better ratings in 2015 but they won’t be as good as what they could be given the shift in the networks. I also think you will see a small increase in attendance at the track from 2014.
  • Marco Venosta – The TV ratings will improve slightly but nothing all that much.
  • Ric Libertino – A mix. Stable on FOX. FS1 will pull in the 2.0-2.5 range because fans are used to practice, qualifying, and other coverage there. I can’t see NBCSN exceeding a 1.5 most races, but the Chase events on NBC will be up from last year’s cable numbers.
  • Amy Marbach – I see them being lower in 2015 than they were in 2014, sad to say.
  • Mike Hutton – I feel that they will generally be lower because of the migrations of some support shows to new networks.
  • John Harlow – They will be down. I cover NASCAR and I still have to look up what channels FS1 and NBCSN are. The new networks will not do the ratings any favors.

How many fights will Brad Keselowski find himself in this season?

  • Christopher Olmstead – I will say two.
  • Marco Venosta – Two.
  • Ric Libertino – Zero because “Dad Brad” means no more “Bad Brad.”
  • Amy Marbach – Physical fights? I will say two. Fights over social media? I can’t even count that high.
  • Mike Hutton – Three.
  • John Harlow – Two.

How many different winners will there be in the first 26 races of the season?

  • Christopher Olmstead – 15
  • Marco Venosta – 15
  • Ric Libertino – 13
  • Amy Marbach – 10
  • Mike Hutton – 14
  • John Harlow – 11

Which drivers will lead the series in wins in 2015?

  • Christopher Olmstead – Carl Edwards
  • Marco Venosta – Joey Logano
  • Ric Libertino – Jimmie Johnson
  • Amy Marbach – Jeff Gordon
  • Mike Hutton – Carl Edwards
  • John Harlow – Kevin Harvick

Which team will lead the series in wins in 2015?

  • Christopher Olmstead – Hendrick Motorsports
  • Marco Venosta – Hendrick Motorsports
  • Ric Libertino – Hendrick Motorsports
  • Amy Marbach – Hendrick Motorsports
  • Mike Hutton – Hendrick Motorsports
  • John Harlow – Hendrick Motorsports

Which drivers (if any) will win for the first time in 2015?

  • Christopher Olmstead – Austin Dillon, Danica Patrick and Kyle Larson
  • Marco Venosta – Danica Patrick and Kyle Larson
  • Ric Libertino – Larson’s the obvious one, but I’ll add Dillon and sacrifice any credibility by saying Patrick wins at Martinsville. Knost has that place figured out and she’s run well before.
  • Amy Marbach – None.
  • Mike Hutton – Kyle Larson
  • John Harlow – Kyle Larson

Which driver will have the most surprising season (in a good way)?

  • Christopher Olmstead – Danica Patrick and Trevor Bayne
  • Marco Venosta – Trevor Bayne
  • Ric Libertino – Casey Mears
  • Amy Marbach – Tony Stewart
  • Mike Hutton – Danica Patrick
  • John Harlow – Tony Stewart

Which driver will have the most disappointing 2015 season?

  • Christopher Olmstead – Denny Hamlin or Ryan Newman
  • Marco Venosta – Kasey Kahne
  • Ric Libertino – Denny Hamlin and Sam Hornish Jr.
  • Amy Marbach – Brad Keselowski
  • Mike Hutton – Greg Biffle
  • John Harlow – Carl Edwards

Which driver made the chase in 2014 but will miss the chase in 2015?

  • Christopher Olmstead – Denny Hamlin
  • Marco Venosta – Aric Almirola
  • Ric Libertino – Kurt Busch
  • Amy Marbach – Ryan Newman
  • Mike Hutton – Aric Almirola
  • John Harlow – Carl Edwards

Which driver missed the chase in 2014 but will make it in 2015?

  • Christopher Olmstead – Kyle Larson
  • Marco Venosta – Kyle Larson
  • Ric Libertino – Paul Menard
  • Amy Marbach – Tony Stewart
  • Mike Hutton – Tony Stewart
  • John Harlow – Kyle Larson

Which four drivers will make up the final-four in 2015?

  • Christopher Olmstead – Gordon, Harvick, Johnson and Edwards
  • Marco Venosta – Johnson, Harvick, Keselowski, Logano
  • Ric Libertino – Kahne, Johnson, Edwards, Logano
  • Amy Marbach – Gordon, Stewart, Johnson, Kenseth
  • Mike Hutton – Edwards, Harvick, Gordon, Keselowski
  • John Harlow – Harvick, Gordon, Kenseth, Larson

Who will be the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion?

  • Christopher Olmstead – Jeff Gordon
  • Marco Venosta – Joey Logano
  • Ric Libertino – Kasey Kahne
  • Amy Marbach – Jimmie Johnson (but my heart says Tony Stewart)
  • Mike Hutton – Carl Edwards
  • John Harlow – Kevin Harvick

What do you think of our 2015 NASCAR predictions? Are there any that you disagree with? Is there any particular writer who you think hit the proverbial nail on the head? Be sure to let us know how you feel by commenting below or reaching out to us via social media.

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