NASCAR: Updates On Kurt Busch, Driscoll Makes New Claims


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As the Kurt Busch situation continues to unfold there will be plenty of notes and tidbits to report. As a result we here at Beyond The Flag have created a running blog that we will continuously update as new Busch information becomes available. In order to see the updated information all you will need to do is refresh the page.

While you’re waiting for updates feel free to share your thoughts with us on the Busch saga. Do you think that NASCAR has made the right call by suspending him? You can share your thoughts by commenting below or reaching out to us on social media.

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NASCAR Denies Busch Twice

Saturday afternoon a three-person panel upheld the suspension against Kurt Busch. The way that the NASCAR appeal process works is that Busch was allowed to make one last appeal. That appeal was heard later on Saturday and late Saturday night it was announced that he lost that appeal as well.

Even if Busch had his appeal reversed he would not have been able to race Sunday. Busch has also been suspended by Chevy and that would have been another huge hurdle for he and his team to overcome. As the days move forward Busch’s career seems to be hanging in the balance. For the sake of him and his fans, I hop that nothing else damning comes out of his legal proceedings.

Driscoll Makes New Claims

Driscoll spoke out on Fox this week and has made some new claims in connection with her allegations against Kurt Busch. Driscoll is now claiming that she isn’t the only woman in the world of NASCAR that has been the victim of domestic abuse. Driscoll said that she not only knows of other woman but that some of them have confided in her.

"I’ve had a lot of women come forward to me, from the NASCAR community, to say they were also abused and that they’re being harassed by other team members. That when they’ve gone to get protective orders and they’ve received them, that they’re still getting harassed by their ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends or the guys that he works with because unlike a lot of sports they all live in the same community."

NASCAR Will Hear Busch Appeal On Saturday

Kurt Busch has appealed his suspension from NASCAR and that hearing is set to take place on Saturday in Daytona. The appeal will be heard by a three-person panel. If the suspension is reversed it’s plausible that Busch could race on Sunday in the Daytona 500. SHR will not comment on the possibility of the suspension being lifted. According to Bob Pockrass of ESPN, SHR is preparing Regan Smith to run on Sunday.

Regan Smith To Replace Busch At Daytona

Xfinity Series driver Regan Smith will be driving the No. 41 machine at Daytona in place of Kurt Busch. This announcement was confirmed by SHR late Friday evening. SHR was non-committal about who would be behind the wheel beyond this weekend. An announcement about future races is expected to be made sometime next week after the Daytona 500.

Report: Kurt Busch’s Garage Vandalized At Daytona

Apparently fans have taken it upon themselves to vandalize Busch’s garage stall at Daytona. Reports and photos have begun circulating like the one below. Other reports have claimed that someone also wrote “woman beater on his stall.” If we find photo proof of that we will post it.

Chevy Suspends Kurt Busch

NASCAR isn’t the only ones that have put Busch out in the cold. Shortly after it was announced that NASCAR was suspending Busch indefinitely, Chevrolet also announced that they were suspending him. In a short press release Chevy announced that they were suspending their relationship” with Kurt Busch.