How the Court Ruled Against Kurt Busch

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May 25, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Patricia Driscoll then-girlfriend of IndyCar Series driver Kurt Busch (not pictured) during the 2014 Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

What Driscoll claims

According to Driscoll:

  • She and Busch broke up after the New Hampshire race last September, when Busch finished 36th while in the midst of the high-stakes Chase.
  • Busch lashed out at his team verbally following the performance, then tore a rearview mirror out of a rental car.  It unintentionally hit Driscoll in the leg.
  • Instead of taking a trip with Driscoll, Busch drove to the airport.  He held Driscoll’s seat belt tightly around her neck, as if to strangle her, then exited the vehicle.  Driscoll drove away before Busch could retrieve his bags.
  • Driscoll continued to hope the two would get back together after these events.  The pair had split before when Busch’s anger over racing interfered with their relationship.
  • Someone informed Driscoll that Busch had lost control of his emotions after Dover qualifying the next week.  Concerned, Driscoll texted Busch to check on his well-being.  Busch responded that he was in his motorhome, in tears and on the ground, after watching Seven Years in Tibet.
  • Busch’s texts indicated existential confusion and despondence.  When Driscoll assured Busch she still loved him, he replied, “I know, but I don’t know if I do.  I don’t love anything right now.”
  • Driscoll then sent the texts to those around Busch, including his bus driver (Mike Doncheff).  Driscoll and Doncheff agreed that Busch would benefit from Driscoll and her son visiting him.  She did not announce her intentions to do so to Busch.
  • On arrival, Driscoll and her son alarmed Busch.  Driscoll explained they showed up because they loved him.  Driscoll directed her son to the front of the motorhome, then talked to Busch in the bedroom.
  • At this time, Busch appeared different from normal and was muttering about his team.  He was upset that there might be consequences for his explosive behavior toward them earlier in the day.
  • Busch then stated he would kill himself if he had a gun.
  • Busch theorized that Driscoll had people working for her or had placed surveillance in the motorhome.
  • Driscoll was asked to leave, but wanted Busch to explain to her son that their relationship was over.  Driscoll hoped saying this would cause Busch to reconsider their split.
  • Suddenly, Busch strangled her and smashed her head against the wall three times.  Driscoll could not breathe, but was able to escape with her son.

Kurt Busch, of course, contests these facts.