How the Court Ruled Against Kurt Busch

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Feb 21, 2015; Daytona Beach, FL, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kurt Busch leaves NASCAR offices after his hearing. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

What’s next?

It is likely that Busch will appeal the family court verdict in hopes of having the protection order and mental health check reversed.

In regards to his NASCAR suspension, Busch may sue the organization to obtain an injunction that would allow him to race.  Most recently, Jeremy Mayfield tried this in 2009, and while initially successful, the injunction was overturned on appeal before Mayfield ever returned to the track.  No commitment has been made to doing this yet, and it is uncertain if Busch would have a ride even if he were reinstated.

On the criminal front, the district attorney’s office has not pressed charges at this time.  Given the findings of the family court, and the evidence presented therein, it would be expected that the standard for charges will be met.  Whether or not that would ultimately lead to a conviction, or if Busch would eventually plead guilty, remains far too distant to speculate upon.

In that misty future, one fact does remain clear: as fast as Busch exited the headlines this weekend, this case will again speed back into them.