NASCAR: Who’s Hot And Who’s Not Heading Into Phoenix

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NOT – Patricia Driscoll

Whether Driscoll’s allegations against Busch were true or not, she was in pretty good shape prior to this week. Coming into last week Busch was still suspended by NASCAR and Chevy and her case was still being overlooked by the DA. Since that time the DA has announced that they would not be pressing any charges against Busch. Earlier this week NASCAR announced that Busch would be reinstated and eligible to make the chase and Chevy took Busch back as well.

Again, the truth behind Driscoll’s allegations are irrelevant at this point. If she was telling the truth than justice clearly wasn’t served here and if she was lying than her master plan blew up in her face this week. No matter how you slice it, this week was not a good week for her. Also, since Busch has been cleared it would seem unlikely that she can do any further damage to Busch or his career moving forward, unless new evidence comes to light.