NASCAR: Who’s Hot And Who’s Not Heading Into Phoenix

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The 2015 season is only three races old and NASCAR has already taken their fair share of fire from fans and critics.

  • Qualifying – Daytona gave us a qualifying mess which resulted in NASCAR changing the qualifying rules for Daytona the very next day. The troubling thing here is that NASCAR knew all along that this was going to be an issue and they decided not to be proactive about it.
  • Atlanta – There were more qualifying issues at Atlanta but this time it was because of NASCAR’s inspection process. As a result of the inspection delays 13 drivers were not able to attempt to qualify for the race. Some of those drivers were from smaller teams and needed to make the race on speed but never got a chance.
  • Safety – Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon and Erik Jones all hit exposed concrete walls over the first three weeks of the NASCAR season. Each wreck happened a week apart and each time more and more questioned why there were still exposed concrete walls for a driver to smash into.
  • Kurt Busch – NASCAR suspended him without him being charged of anything and then they took their time bringing him back after it was announced that he wouldn’t be charged.

For NASCAR’s sake I hope that the next few weeks are nothing more than boring.

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