Making The Grade: 500

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Honorable Mention:

Every week there will be a couple of drivers who do not receive real grades but deserve to be mentioned. More often than not these mentions will be positive but sometimes we might throw in a negative one. Below are the honorable mentions after the 500.

  • Jamie McMurray – McMurray had a shot to win this race. On the last restart he actually pulled out ahead of Kevin Harvick and almost pulled off the slide move to get in front of him. Had McMurray forced the move he most likely would have wrecked them both. Had he pulled off the move there is a good chance Harvick still might have passed him but who knows, either way it was a good day for McMurray.
  • Ryan Newman – Newman hung out near the front of the field for the majority of the day but he never truly contended for the win. I like solid finishes just as much as the next guy but Newman needs to find a way to lead some laps and win a few races.