NASCAR: Who Had The Best & Worst Week Ever

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Worse Week: Patricia Driscoll

For the sake of this piece I am going to expand Patricia Driscoll’s week and make it more like a week and a half. If you flash back to about 10 or so days ago Driscoll had to be feeling pretty good about herself. Whether her allegations against Kurt Busch were the truth or not she was getting the exact outcome that she wanted. Busch was suspended from the sport that he loved and potential charges were on the horizon.

Flash forward a week and a half and all of that is now gone. The DA announced they would not be pressing charges which then cleared the way for NASCAR and Chevy to welcome Busch back with open arms. NASCAR granted Busch a waiver to compete in the chase if he qualifies and Busch had a nice top-five finish in his first race of the year.

Oh, and you can’t overlook all of the TV and interview time that Busch had this week to discuss the fallout and his life moving forward. Driscoll is having a pretty bad week but she isn’t having the worst week ever.