NASCAR: Who Had The Best & Worst Week Ever

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Best Week Ever: Kurt Busch

Even with Kurt Busch having the best week ever, Patricia Driscoll still isn’t having the worst week ever.

What a week for Kurt Busch! The man went from being suspended from his career and passion while possible facing criminal charges for something that he claims to have not done to almost being on top of the world. On Sunday Busch drove his No. 41 machine home to a 5th-place finish. Busch might have had himself a 2nd-place finish had he not pitted for tires late in the race, a move that he thought might have been a winning one.

A 5th-place finish is pretty impressive for a driver that really just learned the new rules package this week seeing as how he missed the first three races of the season. It also might have helped having the same setup in his car as Kevin Harvick. Busch also got the chance to openly speak a couple of times this week about the entire saga with Driscoll and many feel that he came across well while doing so.

Busch is without question having the best week ever which means that it’s not time to see who is having the worst week ever.