NASCAR What If: The 2011 Chase Under 2015 Rules

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2011 Final Season Standings

  1. Tony Stewart (Champion)
  2. Carl Edwards (-0)
  3. Kevin Harvick
  4. Matt Kenseth
  5. Brad Keselowski
  6. Jimmie Johnson
  7. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  8. Jeff Gordon
  9. Denny Hamlin
  10. Ryan Newman
  11. Kurt Busch
  12. Kyle Busch

Above are the final standings from the 2011 season and the 12 drivers that were in the 2011 chase. Entering the final race of the chase in 2011 Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards were neck and neck with each other. At the end of the race they were actually tied in the point’s but Stewart won the title based on his five chase wins.