Take 5: Five Things Worth Mentioning Heading Into Fontana

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Qualifying will look slightly different this week.

NASCAR has finally made a change that makes total and complete sense, for the most part. This weekend in Fontana the drivers will no longer have to back out of their pit stalls before taking the track to qualify. This season there have been a couple of close calls on pit road when it comes to multiple drivers all backing out of their stalls at once. Although there haven’t been any collisions, drivers have been vocal about their concerns over the subject and NASCAR has apparently listened.

Although drivers will not be backing out of their stalls moving forward, the new issue might be them backing in. After each run the cars will have to return to pit road and back into their stall. This could bring with it a whole new set of issues as pit road is a busy place during qualifying. However, let’s be fair to NASCAR and commend them for making this change and reserve critiquing them for a new issue until it actually becomes an issue.